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>> thanking for watching. "studio b" with the shepard smith starts now. >> have a great afternoon. the family of the five-year-old boy who escaped the killer in the bunker is now speaking. coming up the family's concern about the bow's mental state and how investigators pulled off the rescue. all the details. plus the white house is appealing to give legal advice on how to kill it own citizens accused of working with terrorists, accused. how to kill americans who have never had counsel, never faced
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charges. americans. an eye-opening look. the justice department explains how to kill united states citizen. astounding. the bizarre north korea propaganda video, depicts america's destruction. thankfully michael jackson is in on it. north korea, kim the younger, looking at things, it's all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the five-year-old boy is said to be physically okay. after he endured nearly a week underground with a gunman who took him hostage. that's the word from the boy's from who says the family is not sure yet how he is doing mentally. and now we're learning more about the rescue operation yesterday. sources telling fox news the officials had to set a camera to monitor the suspect, jimmy dykes, inside the bunker. they got it down in there we
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don't know how. law enforcement had deployed at least one surveillance drone to inspect his property. ats built a mock bunker which they used to practice rescue scenarios, and another report states the defense secretary, leon panetta, gave the okay for teams to operate certain rescue equipment. investigators tell fox news they're still working to determine exactly how he gunman died. so they probably know, they're not letting us know. one week ago he reportedly snatched the child from his school bus. shot and killed the school bus driver, in midland city, alabama, near the border. the sheriff said the suspect felt like he had a story. now that story could remain a mid. -- remain a mystery. >> we were never able to actually find out what his story was. he just continued to -- we know it was very important to him and very complex. we were never able to discover
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what the story was. >> here's what we do know. the young boy is set to celebrate his sixth birthday this week and you can bet his relatives will be there with him. jonathan is live. some birthday plans on the agenda. >> that's right. video i want to show you from the nearby town of napier field. their city officials have been collecting birthday cards for the bow throughout the whole ordeal. his actual birthday is tomorrow but the celebration may come a few days later. school officials want to hold a big celebration, probably at the local high school football field to honor a boy who was well-loved long before he became the focus of the hostage standoff. >> never met a stranger. he put his arms around you, grab you by the hand, he is probably of any child, i believe he will recover quickly from this.
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>> now, when the standoff was still going on, napier fields had scheduled a cablelight vigil at city hall tonight. they're still going to go ahead as planned but now the candles represent something entirely different. celebration for the successful release of this boy and also remembrance for the bus driver who died while trying to protect his kids. >> shepard: what's the word on how the little boy is doing and what might have happened to him down there? reporter: doctors have been evaluating him immediately after his release he was loaded into an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital. officials tell us he is doing okay physically. school officials tell us that he has been playing in his hospital room, laughing and watching video0s spongebob squarepants. so so far so good. >> shepard: thank so much. the superintendent of the local
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school strict says he is celebritying the safe return of the student. the superintendent thanked law. teams for the nonstop efforts to free that five-year-old boy, and he edded, we are also tough to our community for coming together in a time of need. the outpouring of love, he wrote, and support, is unmatched anywhere. the dale county school superintendent joins us live now. superintendent, it's so go to see you. must be all smiles in lower alabama today. >> shepard, it is all smalls. we're celebrating the release of our student and celebrating the life of the hero, charles poland. our communication and our state and the nation will see that charles poland gave the ultimate sacrifice. shep. she -- >> shepard: incredible. the picture is that of the bus driver. it's my understanding that he actually got between the gunman
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the kids. >> that is correct. he did get between the gunman and the children. and he made the statement, those children are my responsibility. he was not only a bus driver. he was a father to those children, and he made the connection with them, shepard, that drivers need to make. he exemplified what a bus driver and what a human being is all about. >> shepard: want wait to hear the rest of the stories. i heard some great stories yesterday from some of the children in your school system. you were reading on some of the other networks some of the messages that's had written. can you share some of them? >> if i can recall them. their voices needed to be heard, at mr. pole land's memorial service, and some of the thoughts they ray had was mr. poland, you were the best bus driver i ever had. you treated people like i want
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to treat people. i want to be just like you. there was a little girl that made statement that, mr. poland, in the summer time, when it was so hot, you gave us ice water. before the christmas break, you would bring us cookies. so he was loved by those children, and it was his love in return that we just admire so much. >> shepard: out of this tragedy looks like you have a lot of teaching moments ahead for you. i know for a school administrator, an opportunity like that won't be lost. good luck to al y'all done there. we'll be thinking being you. >> thank you, shepard, and god bless everyone who was part of this operation. >> shepard: well good, news out of alabama. now not so good news. remember the fiscal cliff drama? now there's nor drama. there's at showdown.
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i feel you clicking the channel bunt don't. it's a big development puts the deep cuts on to march 1st, which is right around the corner. both sides ado it would be an economic disaster but nobody seems to agree how to fix it. republicans are calling for cuts which the president says must be balanced with taxes. >> it's critical to cut wasteful standing. we can't just cut our way to prosperity. deep indiscriminate cuts to things like education, training, inauguration, and national security, will cost jobs and slow down the recovery. >> shepard: runs say they already agreed to tax hikes and they aren't going to do it again. john boehner says we believe there's a better way to reduce the deficit but americans do not support less spending cuts for
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tax hikes. what some aresome of the details of what the president wants? reporter: the president is looking to crop $100 billion from the def site to buy an agreement that cuts a trillion and a half over the next ten years. he says the offer he made in late 2011 is still on the table. republicans say any additional revenue from tax reform should be used to lower everyone's tax rates. the president wants to cut the deficit. he says we can't afford to use it the way republicans want. >> if we are going to close these loopholes, there's no reason we should useoo the savings we obtain and turn around and spend that on new tax breaks for the wealthiest, or for corporations. if we're serious about paying down the deficit, the savings we achieve from tax reform should be used to pay down the deficit. and potentially to make our businesses more competitive.
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>> president's call comes a day after his two most southeastern defense advisors warned the sequester would make the country less safe, and the president says the domestic spending cuts would slow down the economic recovery, which isn't producing jobs fast enough even now, shepard. >> shepard: what are we hearing from republican? reporter: they say the sequester was a white house idea. though the goal was to force a compromise by the so-called supercommittee. that didn't happen. now some lawmakers in both parties say the sequesterses of across the board cuts would be better than a bad deficit reduction deal. one senator said rather than continuing to raise taxes on hard-working americans, congress ought to be looking at ways to reduce our runaway federal spending. senator mitch mcconnell says congress acted on the tax issue when it allowed the bush administration tax cuts for the
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well-to-do to expire. some of them. now he says it's the president's turn to lay out spending reforms. >> shepard: wendell, thank you. the united states troops and missiles positioned near the syrian border. the mission and the questions that come with that mission. live from the scene. how to kill an american citizen without getting in trouble? how the government can do exactly that without ever giving you a lawyer, without ever filing charges against you. how about the government just kills you? no problem. wait until you hear how this happened. in ameri today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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>> the white house is making its case now for droning american citizens overseas. it's based on a justice department document which nbc news obtained. fox news authenticated it as a draft memo. the document reportedly states the united states government
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can -- listen here -- the united states government can kill americans if it suspects those americans are senior al qaeda operative aiming to kill other u.s. citizens if they cannot be captured and if they, quote, pose an imminent threat of attack. they can just kill american citizens. the document reportedly does not clarify exactly what defines an imminent threat. remember back in 2011, the feds said a drone strike took out the american born cleric awlaki, the first u.s. citizen we know the government killed. he was linked to plots against the united states so they killed him. katherine is live in washington. so we're clear, they can kill an american citizen with a drone, no lawyer, no charges, no conviction. >> no nothing. >> shepard: nothing. >> okay. that's at the heart of this. it's an executive branch
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assessment of whether an american citizen is an al qaeda leader and whether they pose an imminent threat. when fox news asked the attorney general to explain the difference between an imminent and ongoing threat, eric holder resisted providing details, citing classified material, even though this leaked memo is unclassified. >> i can't necessarily get into the weeds. you can't examine the terms without having a reference to the facts, and i'm not in a position, in this environment, in a classified environment i can get more specific. >> the targeted killing of americans by the commander in chief, such as the cleric you mentioned, was successly marked for death and was kill. and when pushed to explain how an american can be deemed a threat when there's no specific spell generals to back up that finding such as evidence of an ongoing plot, jay carney reached
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for the same logic. >> we conduct those strikes because they're necessary to mitigate ongoing actual threats, to stop slots, preevent future attacks and save american lives. they're legal, ethical, and wise. >> this draft memo concludes the president has the authority without review by the courts or without review by congress, shep. >> shepard: when will they draft a memo that says, rather than picking us up and trying it here in the united states, they can just kill american citizens here at well? >> this is all going to come to a head this week with the confirmation hearings for the new cia director john brennan. in this bipartisan letter, they're urging the president to produce these highly classified memos that authorize the targeted killing program. so to quote congress and the public can decide whether the president's power to deliberately kill american citizen is is subject to appropriate limitations and safe guards in a recent interview the
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aclu said the memos should be reduced, claiming they're in direct conflict with the rule of law. >> so violates the very idea of having a rule of law, and then to have the architect of the whole program get a major promotion and be brought up for cia director. the senate intelligence committee has to have ask some hard questions of mr. brennan. >> those senators said in the letter in a thinly veiled warning if these memos are not provided or there's not good cooperation from the administration they're going to hold or block the nomination of brennan or hagel. >> north korean leaders released a video, set to the tune of wow we are the world." is it anything to worry about? well re -- we'll show you more
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and you can decide for yourself. the north korean video present to us. happy tuesday. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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>> shepard: north korea is at it again. this timing could bizarre video that apparently depicts the destruction of new york city and has a sound track. "we are the world." ♪ >> shepard: very nice. north korean released this thing and the animation of america's destruction comes from the video game called modern warfare. which was american made.
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north korean officials recently vowed to carry out more nuclear testing in the wake of the new united nations security council pun; but if north korea's rocket department is as good as the production team, it has a long way to go. we have the president of emregards partner and the author of the obook, rethinking advertising. they're saying you're horrible, you're ruining the world, and we're going to get you. >> i think it's great. we are the world, we are the lunatics. i mean, it's just -- actually, there's a precedence for this. there's method to their madness. north korea is known for its bellicose rhetoric and bizarre public relations. last month when they imposed sanctions from the un, they said sanctions are war. they have been declaring war on the united states. it's like the cold war when russia used to saber rattle, and
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they do it for internal consumption to prop up the people, because they have nothing. they're poor. and this is a distraction, the only distraction -- now that the super bowl is over, this is the only distraction they have. >> shepard: there is anyone around here who might be concerned for any reason about this video? reporter: what they have done in the past when they rattled sabers like this, they do test missiles. so there could be a missile test coming up. still, they're long on rhetoric and short on substance, thank god. >> shepard: does their rhetoric tell us anything about their difficult situation in country for their own people? >> it's largely designed for their own people and designed to build up kim jong-un, the boy king, 12-year-old -- whatever age he is -- to build him up to show his macho against the united states. so far, they've been long on propaganda, short on substance,
12:26 pm
and hopefully that will continue. >> shepard: a place with one cash crop, missiles, and no food, and i'm guessing if they didn't have something nuclear to dangle in front of us, somebody might have tried to help them fix something. >> that's a very good point. the other thing is in the past when they rattled sabres like this, it spurred the west to come to the negotiating table. that could be part of this as well. >> shepard: we're look at things. they look at things. >> we are the world. shepard smith have you been to the web site, kim jung illooking at things? >> i missed that one. >> shepard: thank you. we're hearing a chilling admission now. of the man accused of killing a well-known navy sniper. up next, what the suspect told his sister after he was accused of shooting and killing a true american hero. plus, another accused kill are laying out a stunning story on the sand. she first said she didn't kill her husband.
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then she said she did but she did it for a good reason. and she once said no jury will ever convict me. well, the jury heard about that now. it's a fascinating case and we'll get to it as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on a tuesday "studio b." to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones!
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>> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
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a woman admits she did stab her lover 27 times. slashed his throat ear to ear. then shot him in the head twice. a savage killing which she says was in self-defense. the admission is a dramatic twist in the high-profile murder trial in arizona. prosecutors there say this woman, jody arias. killed her ex-boyfriend in a jealous rage. she denied she knew anything at first. then she blamed the murder on some masked intruders. and then in something of a surprise move, she gave the jury a third version of what happened that night. listen. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> shepard: all of a sudden. she went on to say she had to kill her ex-to save her own life. she told stories of a troubled childhood, growing up with abusive parent. all the while her mother sitting stone-faced in court. at times her testimony got
12:32 pm
bizarre. like the high school boyfriend who believed in vampires and once tried to strangle her. then there's, well, her appearance. the soft-spoken woman with glasses, far cry from the blonde beauty prosecutors portray as a vicious killer. adam is on this. observers say her case is a as a real surprise. >> a lot of people didn't know she would take the stand. some people are calling it a legal hail mary to put her on the the stand, opening her up for cross-examination. what she has done is methodically and very calmly laid out her childhood which she claims everything from abuse to a boyfriend that trying to strangle her. she admits to moving all over california we various boyfriends and admitted to killing alexander but the defense maintains it was in self-defense. arias does have to answer a lot of questions, including an interview where she said a jury would never convict her.
12:33 pm
>> in that tape you said that no jury would convict you. something to that effect. do you remember saying that. >> i did say that. >> why? >> um, i made that statement in september, 2008, and at the time i had plans to commit suicide. i was very confident no jury would convict me because i planned to be dead. >> seems leak the defense is trying to play her off as having different boyfriends, moved around california, she had relationship issues and never snapped. seems to say it's d why would she snap now and kill this boyfriend? >> the prosecution must be salivating here. >> a lot of people can't wait. actually me a start as soon as this afternoon. but there are so many holes in the story, there's so many
12:34 pm
things they can go after, including the stories about claiming it was self-defense, and the fact there was masked gunmen, never admitted to it. a camera found with pictures and the attempt to clean the crime scene up and the body was left there for five days and the violent way he was killed. the stabbings, the slit from ear-to-ear and shot in the head. so the prosecution has a lot to go at and there's a lot of people waiting for the cross-examination. it should be quite interesting. >> shepard: adam, thanks. let's get some analysis on the girlfriend who said she didn't and then said she did. wow. how many versions are you allowed? >> i guess as many as you want. this is going to be very easy for the prosecution. when they get they're bite at the apple they have to show this defendant has zero credibility. and not only did she tell three different stories and take pictures of the this poor dead guy after she murdered him, but
12:35 pm
you don't put two bullets in somebody's head. slit their throat, and then stab them 27 times and call it self defense? you call it psycho. there's no such thing as being more dead. so at some point when he was already dead she was out of harm's way if she were telling the truth. she is not. the prosecution -- it's like taking candy from a baby. >> shepard: the prosecution alleges she is dragging the body around the house, and her camera keeps going off. so they have all these pictures of her thenar parentally dead boyfriend being carried around like a sack of potatoes. >> then she took the camera and either accidentally or intentionally put it in the washing machine, trying to cover up her crime. then she told two different versions until she finally lands on this one issue had to commit self-defense. and bill the way, while she was having her love affair with this decedent, he was abusing her, she was traveling from state to state to see him. she lived in a whole other
12:36 pm
state. you don't drive across state lines to be abused by your boyfriend. doesn't happen. everytime her lips are moving, she is full of baloney. >> shepard: like when she said no jury would convict her. >> she would no kill herself. she doesn't lock like a murder. she is a soft opinion, semi attractive woman in this country we don't put women to death. they don't appear to be premeditated murderers but she is one and the fourth person on arizona's death row is she is sentenced to death. >> there are handful of women on death row period. >> very few. but fortunately i think women don't commit the kind of heinous crimes that get you on death rover often but this is going by one. this was absolutely premeditated. there's something very off about her. even his friends, even alexander's friend would say, he didn't bring her around. i don't think it was because -- he was probably embarrassed.
12:37 pm
they did not like her. something was wrong. >> shepard: well, looks like we might have an idea now. the iraq war veteran charged with killing a former navy seal sniper, chris kyle, and his friend, on a shooting spree in texas? he told his sister that he traded his soul for a new truck. how that fits in with the rest of the police documents. cops say the suspect, former marine himself, reservist, eddie ray routh, shot both men several times with a semi automatic handgun and then taking chris kyle's truck and driving it to his sister's house. the sister called the cops after he told her what he had done. the former navy seal chris kyle was the most lethal sniper in the united states military history and the author of the best-selling book "american sniper." jonathan hunt has been digging into this. we have more details from a
12:38 pm
police affidavit on this. >> it appears that chris kyle, long with his friend, chad littlefield, and eddie ray rout, arrived at the rough creek lodge around 3:15. they went off the firing range and it was not until an hour and a half later worker at the lodge went to the range, found kyle and littlefield, both apparently shot, when the cops arrived, they said they found both men clearly dead. covered in blood. multiple gunshot wounds, and numerous firearms at the range. not that that would be unthundershower. hand guns and row valve0s. routh has fled the scene and gone to his sister and talked about selling his soul for the new truck. that might have been the seemingly senseless motive. we're also hearing that routh has refused to meet with members of his own family, and also
12:39 pm
hiscourt-a pointed attorney. >> kyle had co-authors for the book. >> we spoke to one of them today. we talked to jim, a writer, not a vet, co-author on the book, american sniper. he became very friendly with chris kyle as a result of this. clearly admired him greatly. and he talked to me about learning that chris kyle had been murdered. learning basically when he got a series of texts on his cell phone. listen. >> i think the first one that i read was something along the lines of, r.i.p. chris. i was like, what? what are you guys talking sunset and to be honest i'm probably still in denial. i still don't think it's true. and i guess that's kind of been in that same state of denial ever since. >> jim told me that chris kyle simply wanted to serve, both when he was serving as a seal
12:40 pm
and help he came back wanting to help others. and then as we wrapped up the conversation, it was very interesting. he said, i'm sorry if i've made this guy sound like he is ten foot tall, like he is a superhero, and then he paused and said, but he was. that was the end of the conversation. >> shepard: thank you. well, lots of us are stuck in traffic a lot. now we're getting a dollar figure on how much all that stuck in traffic time is costing. that's coming up. also, very serious crash for the champion skier lindsey vonn. she was airlift evidence out the mountain and some race should not have happened. the latest on her condition is next.
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>> shepard: a major setback for the american skiing sensation lindsey vonn when she suffered a bad crash that injured her right
12:44 pm
knee. you can see lindsey speeding through a jump, and then losing her balance and taking the tumble there. medics treated her on the slope before crews rushed her to the hospital. a fellow skier's reaction says it all. lindsey was competing in the world skiing championships in austria. we have a look airlift here. officials expect her to recover in team for the winter olympics in russia but she is out for the rest of the season chev won gold medals during the 2010 olympic winter games in vancouver. do we know how bad her knee is, trace? reporter: bad. she tore two ligaments in her knee and now we learn she also broke her continua, which is her shin bone. the supergiant slalom is a speed race and she was likely going at least 70 miles-per-hour when she lost her balance. you can see her right leg just buckle beneath her as she hit
12:45 pm
the ground. the doctor says the knee i alone is a significant injury. >> typically anybody with a major acl tear who has surgery, you're talking about minimum of 12 months of physiotherapy. but has a lot to do with how bad was the tear, how difficult it was to repair, and then how the will of the individual. reporter: you mentioned the olympics. they begin exactly one year from now. the doctor saying a year, year and a half. so it's possible defending her gold medal in the downhill would could be a big challenge. >> shepard: it's my understanding a lot of people didn't think they race ought to go. >> it didn't go for three hours, they delayed the race because of fog on the course for three hours. city skiers say the course want in bad shape but there were areas they were blind, they couldn't see, and the weather was so bad the skiers never got chance to run the course.
12:46 pm
in her blog in the denver post, lindsey vonn wrote it always feels awkward when you don't get a chance to free ski the hill before the race. it's tricky to know the terrain when all you have to go on is course inspection in the morning of the race. so lindsey vonn, her first run down the hill. she has hurt her knee before. she has also had a concussion, a million bumps and bruises, but this clearly is her most challenges injury today. 28 years old. >> shepard: hope she can come back from it, trace. getting around in traffic causes more than just a few headaches. it's costing our country a fortune. there's a new study out from texas a&m transportation institute, and all that wasted time add up to $121 billion in 2011. that accounts for a fuel and lost work hours. in fact, researches found the average american commuter spent the equivalent of an entire work week waiting in traffic jams, an
12:47 pm
average of 38 hours in 2011. that up from 34 hours the year before. that is four hours longer than the average employee works in a week. joining us now jerry willis, i feel like you can spend that long on the long island expressway. where is it the worse? >> it's the worst in d.c. awful. it can take three hours for a 30 minute ride. >> i would have guessed houston. >> i thought san francisco. you can go anywhere in san francisco. you might as well forget about it. new york, boston. boston is awful. so tiny and nobody can go anywhere. so, this -- >> shepard: there's houston. atlanta, i-85, they're going to tear it up some start all over again. and then there's chicago, which -- i mean, you should take at the train there. >> and don't fly into chicago. you'll never get there. >> not this time of year. you'll be out by june. a lot of pollution. >> would you like some facts?
12:48 pm
>> i know there's a lot of pollution. sitting in traffic is a heavy polluter. >> well, you will burn an entire week's worth of gas for the average time. it takes 818 bucks on our commute in this country. so, think about those numbers. yeah, it's costing you extra, but the pollution impact -- let's talk about that for a second. the epa claims that cars are the number two polluter, the number two largest carbon dioxide emitter but it's better than it used to be. a lot better. even the epa says air quality is better since the 1970s. new cars emit 90% less emissions than they did back then. so the world is a better place, my friend. >> shepard: i lived in los angeles when you had a something to smog line somethings. some days you can't go outside. >> how about beijing? their smog is off the charts.
12:49 pm
>> shepard: i just order takeout. i. >> year crazy. >> i know. have a great day, jerry, i'm sorry. >> i'll get it worse. >> no, i won't. somebody stole her ipad. >> i'm mad now. >> we'll find them, the fedses just slapped standard & poorss with $5 billion lawsuit over the ratings issue ahead of the financial crisis. the details ahead. plus, giving the judge the bird. yep, flipping off the judge? not the best way, really. even if you're her. somebody is going to at the hoosegow. that's coming up. ñ?ñç ñoñóó?wóç3ñoç
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>> shepard: if the person in front of you is wearing a robe
12:53 pm
and carrying a gavel. don't make that person angry. a woman in miami learned that the hard way after she flashed the jump the -- judge the finger. when the judge set her bond at $5,000 she just laughed. the angry judge then doubled her bond. and that's when he flipped her off -- she flipped him. >> bye-bye. >> adios. >> come back, ma'am. come back. come back. let me see that again. count one will be 10,000. >> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. >> shepard: hmm. there's the bird. 30 days in jail before she gets to try her luck with that same
12:54 pm
judge again. xanax will be off by then. the feds filed a $5 billion lawsuit against the rating agency standard & poors, claiming it committed fraud when it gave high ratings to risky mortgages and the s&p -- it put its desire to make money over identifying the risky investments that sparked the great recession. officials sale the lawsuit is without factual or legal merit. we have the assistant manager of the wall street journal which is owned bill the parent company of this network. you had to see this coming. >> that's rate. where the credit rating agency somehow responsible for part of the crisis. what the government is saying, yes. the credit rating agencies are say, who got it right? who got the housing fall correct? really almost no one did. why would shoo we be held to a
12:55 pm
higher standard? our points are protect bid the first amendments of free speech. the first amendment of the constitution. you shouldn't be going after us. what the fedses are saying is that -- first amendment aside, you believed one thing internal to your company but you said something else. that's the argument they're making after looking at documents. so that constitutes fraud, and that's why they're going after s&p. >> there may be people out there under the mistaken belief those rating agencies are there for the greater good. who pays them. >> the banks do. so there's a question of conflict of interest. so these are collateralized dead obligations that war packaged and then sold by the banks. they had to have a rating so the rating agencies did that. the rating agencies said, no, we have very high standards and we do not see this as conflict of we're able to provide ratings even thole the banks pay us a fee for providing the ratings on
12:56 pm
the cdos, many of those cdos later default. that's the problem. the government says we want fines paid by s&p that begin to make up for some of the losses by federally insured institutions. >> shepard: we're dealing with stuff that has already happened. i'm interested in what is coming. and it looks that so man people with whom i talk, like the student loan bubble is next. there is one and is it popping? >> yes. that's a big bubble and a big problem. there's a lot of debt, and defaults on that debt are rising, and that's the big concern now. the other concern is that there's going to be kind of a forgetting of what has gone on before. in other words, the credit rating agencies were part of the controversy about the banks and the housing market, and that housing market is recovering and the government is moving on. and we're told they're saying,
12:57 pm
no, we're going back and we're very much looking at the credit rating agencies again. their responsibility in the housing crisis. while this other debt bubble is beginning to pop. >> shepard: it is. there's a rapper out of dallas, called himself d-dot dallas and talks about how he just wants to hit the big-time and the guidance counselor says here a student loan form, just sign your life away. >> the problem is that people came out of these expensive institutions and couldn't get a job. couldn't pay back their loan. >> thank you.
12:58 pm
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